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30 juni 2019 (12:03:07)
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Hello everyone,

my name is Jakob and i was diagnosed with the Klinefelter Syndrom 2 years ago. When i was diagnosed i had many questions about this syndrome and i spent quite some time to find answers.
I put those answers on my Homepage so that everyone can access this information more easily. This homepage is in German, however some Internet Browsers such as Google Chrome allow the translation of whole homepages.

The homepage is: https://www.lebenmit47xxy.de/

Is there an active KF community in Holland?

Kind regards

30 juni 2019 (13:05:10)
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Dear Jacob,

Welcome on this forum

Yes, there is an active community in the Netherlands.
On the website of the Dutch Klinefelter Association, www.klinefelter.nl, you can find much information about the syndrome and the activities of the association. Several times a year, meetings are organized throughout the country.

Kind regards

03 juli 2019 (18:15:49)
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Hallo Jacob,
Ihre Website ist sehr informativ und benutzerfreundlich. Ich denke, dass Jungen und Männer mit Klinefeltersyndrome alle Informationen auf Ihrer Website finden. Man wird beruhigt sein, das Klinfelter-Syndrome ist keine ernste Krankheit.